Never give up

By: Jocelyne Aldana

"Are we human still -or again? They have tried to drag us to the lowest level of existence , demeaned us treated us worse than animals yet something has remained alive in us, for it stirs anews"

Have you ever talked to a holocaust survivor ?

Gerda Weissman, a Holocaust survivor once said, "Are we human still -or again ? They have tried to drag us to the lowest level of existence . Demeaned us treated us worse than animals yet something has remained alive in us , for it stirs anews". The Holocaust was a terrible thing that happened in our human history, never give up because the people of the Holocaust who died and survived with hope give us a great lesson in our lives today even though there is no way out.

In the story of Anne Frank there are so many ways Anne Frank showed she never gave up."I Know it's terrible trying to have any faith when when people are doing such horrible ... But you know what I sometimes think ? I think the world may be going through a phase the way I was with mother. It'll pass. Maybe not hundreds of years but someday I still believe in spite of everything . That people are really good at heart ". Even though Anne Frank was going through a lot , being attacked by the Nazis she had hope that the people who did cruel stuff , still had a good side. In conclusion, Anne Frank never gave up knowing that there are bad people , but with a good heart.

In the movie of "Life is beautiful ", a dad who is a guido Orefice , a Jewish Italian shop owner who must empty his fertile imagination to protect his son from the horrors of the Nazi concentration camp . One of the scenes we could see the kid Giosue Orefice say: " Buttons and soap". Then the father says : " what?"; Giosue: "they'll turn us into buttons and soap. They'll burn us all in ovens". Dad: "how ridiculous . They were just teasing you there are wood ovens, but there are no people in oven creates too much smoke". In this scene it showed how the dad didn't want his son to know what really was happening that's why he kept on saying that " they are just teasing" him. In conclusion , the father kept hoped for his kid.

In the video "Paperclips", the middle school students of Whitwell Middle School showed hope in the way of people changing the way of diversity. One of the teachers wanted her students to know that nobody is just white and learn that there's other cultures while learning the Holocaust. This school showed how they gathered over a million paper clips to honor those who died and those who survived the Holocaust . The students hoped that people know the importance of equal ness keeping hope of the future.

In conclusion, it sometimes seems to me we can never give up, longing, and wishing while we are alive . There are some things we feel to be good and we must go after it because the moment you give is the moment you let someone else win.

Anne frank the most outspoken girl that I ever heard about.


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