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6 period English 1
Meilani A. Soto
University of Texas at El Paso

About UTEP
I have picked UTEP because I would like to get a scholarship to play basketball there. Ever since I saw the movie, "Glory Road", I have always wanted to go to UTEP. It is one of the most known Universities in Texas. I would like to study in Culinary Arts, or become a Veterinarian.

UTEP'S basketball team in division 1 NCAA. It's campus is not the biggest, but large enough. They have a tutoring center where you can go and get extra help if you need it, or don't understand something that you are learning in class. Especially cause we live in El Paso, it would make sense to go to UTEP since it is not that far from where I live. I don't want to go to any college outside of El Paso, so I believe UTEP is my best choice.

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When I go to UTEP my long term goals are to go to go and get a Bachelor's degree in pre-veterinary science or study Culinary Arts and be a Chef. I have decided to study one or the other because it is what intrest  me the most for now, and just case I change my mind later on ,I have a back-up plan. I have a love for animals and can see my career most likely head in that direction. But then again I love cooking and would love to learn more about different food cultures , and learn how to make different types of food. But by the time I get to UTEP I'll have my heart set on one by then.

Another one of my long term goals is to have a job lined up ready so by the time I graduate I will have my career path set. My career will pay me enough so I will be able to pay for all my utilities and still have money left over for myself. I want to be able to make enough money to buy a new car. I want to make enough money so I can feel confident enough not to have a strict budget.

visual of career


Veterinarians make an average $91,250 per year.

Annual pay ranged from $50,480 to $141,680 per year.

Chefs working in the United States annual wage was $46,600. Only the top ten percent of Chefs make $ 74,060. Less then 10 percent make $24,770.

Job duties

Depending on what type of veterinarian you are they have different jobs but every veterinarian administer vaccines, do health check-ups, clean teeth, fix broken bones, treat skin infections and perform surgeries.

For chefs it all depends,a head chef or head cook is the kitchen boss. He or she not only has to be able to cook food and lead a team of kitchen workers but also has to figure out how much food will be needed for the week and order food and supplies.

Prep cooks, spend their time getting food items ready for the other chefs. They chop vegetables, prepare meats for cooking and weigh and measure ingredients.

Line cooks are responsible  for cooking the food along with the sous chefs, who are the head chef's second in command.

Sous chefs cook, help out the head chef whenever needed and stand in for the head chef during an absence.



For veterinarian's job's are opening up due to employment growth. For chef's they benefit from experience , from working there way up the ladder and eventually become there own boss.

Educational Requirements

Becoming a Vet., you are required to earn a doctor of veterinary medicine degree. But in most cases students gain acceptance to the College of Veterinary Medicine with just a bachelor's degree.

Becoming a chef all you need is to have a High School diploma /GED plus 150 hours of continuing education. If you don't have a High School diploma or GED you need 250 hours of continuing education.

Promotional Opportunities

Each year, depending on experience, veterinarians salary increases each year.

For Chef's , they move up the ladder to different types of positions as a chef.

Additional Info

There is also veterinarians who travel and help animals all around the world. They don't just have to work in a pet clinic. Chef's can also have food trucks and not just work in restaurant's.

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Letter of Intent

Meilani Soto

14221 Craggy Rock

El Paso, Texas, 79938

(915) 490-3760



8401 Gateway Blvd

El Paso, Texas, 79938

To whom it may concern,

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed outside of Tilly’s. Please accept this letter and accompanying resume as evidence of my interest is applying for this great job opportunity. I feel my abilities and my skills would prove to be an asset for my organization. I am looking for a hard working job that will add experience to my building career. Here are some of my key abilities that I would bring to the position. I am confident that these qualities make me an extraordinary person for this position. I would appreciate your consideration of my credentials, and I welcome the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, the requirements of the position, and how my skills would be a great fit.

Thank you in advance for your consideration,


Meilani Soto

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