El Salvador
By: Pardeep Singh

The country I chose is El Salvador, it is in Central America which is a part of North America. El Salvador shares borders with Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. The population of El Salvador is 6.4 million people. The religions practiced in El Salvador are Christian and Roman Catholic. The currency in El Salvador is the United States dollar   

This population pyramid shows the population of El Salvador in 2014  

3 Interesting Facts about El Salvador

1. El Salvador went to war with Honduras after a soccer match, which was later called the "Soccer War"

2. In 2001, over 1200 people were killed from an earthquake and many were left homeless

3. Coffee is considered an important part of El Salvador's economy

Flag of El Salvador
Pupusa is a traditional dish served in El Salvador

The Fireball Festival takes place in the town of Nejapa, it is reenactment of a fight between the town's patron saint and the devil.

Soccer is very popular in El Salvador, the picture above is the logo for the El Salvador soccer team

The video above is the national anthem for El Salvador

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