Living things meet their needs through interaction with the enviornment


                       An environment is simply everything that surrounds a living thing.

For Example:

*The Arctic, penguin and ice.

*The Forest, squirrel and dirt.

*The Desert, lizard and sand.

*The Ocean, fish and water.

*The Prairie, prairie dogs and rocks.

(This is a wolf in the woods.)


         A interaction is when two or more living things do something that effects the other.

For example:

*A bee and flower, the flower gives a bee pollen so they can make food (honey) and the bee spreads the pollen so more flowers can grow.

*Remora and Sharks, the Remora cleans of the shark while the Shark feeds the Remora with the stuff it eats off of it's stomach and the shark acts as a taxi, it helps it get to places quicker.

* Worm and soil, the worm turns around and sifts the soil and makes it a healthy soil while the soil gives the worm a home and shelter.

* Humans and plants, humans breathe out carbon dioxin which is the air that plants need while plants give out oxygen, what humans need to breathe.

* A tiger and deer, the tiger hunts the deer and the deer gives him a nice supper :)

(A bee taking some nectar from a flower.)

The types and numbers of living things change over time


                                                  Diversity is just a variety of things.

For Example:

* 10 dog groups.

* 20,000 species of butterflies.

* 4,740 species of frogs.

* 1,000,000 types of flowers.

* 350+ breeds of horses.

(Some horse breeds.)


                                      The process of something adapting, or modifying.

For Example:

* Geese migrating.

* Flowers closing at night.

* A caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

* Larva turning into a ladybug.

* A North American Wood Frog freezing when it touches snow or ice.

(Geese Migrating to warmer parts.)