Karate Kicks

week 23 + 24

adventures of baby bock

Baby kicks can be painful...understatement of the year! Our baby girl is an active one and she is moving consistently and with force! It seems her most active hours are 7-8am and 5-6pm. I think she knows to keep calm and snooze while I am busy at work which is just so sweet of her. Eric has felt her kick many times and we can even watch her rolling around in there when she is very active. Admittedly, it's a bit freaky to watch my stomach roll or bulge with kicks and punches but still super cool. We are always in awe. At a little over half way, I can't imagine not being pregnant at this point. Having her constantly there with me is so natural now, it will be very strange (and awesome) when we can actually look at that little face.

We don't have much else to report this week, boring post - I know! But baby girl is growing and we are overly busy and stressed with projects and lists and events. I don't even have an updated picture to share (just imagine me from my last picture but rounder, you get the idea), but that will change after this weekend. A very good friend is coming in town to visit and will be taking some maternity shots this weekend. I'm excited to see what she can do and she better be ready to edit the heck out of those pics! Have a great Labor Day weekend and here's to hoping fall starts soon!

week 23 produce...good thing I don't like grapefruit

week 24 produce...cantaloupe looks huge!