Where There's an Inheritance,Families can fight tooth and nail over every item in the house

You stand to inherit few dollars in assets, -- including items many consider priceless, like Dad's fountain pen or Mom's favourite neckless, and what about the house!

Use this talk to avoid a family feud

Give yourselves time to grieve, Leave spouses at home.

1. Opening gambit: acknowledge upfront that you may say something hurtful, and agree to forgive each other in advance (there are lots of emotions going around)

2. Name your musts: Why don't you all say what items are on your wish lists and the reason for

3.Strive for parity: you would really like Mom's wedding ring. How about if you pay you for it

4. Allow both of you to lose: "Since you can't agree on who gets the watch, maybe you should sell it."
Things that are impossible to split should be sold. This way, both siblings feel the same sacrifice.

Remember "Better to lose a family heirloom than to lose your relationship with a brother or sister."

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