My ode to football  

Eyes closed

My mind is wide open

I sit in the locker room with my headphones in

Isolated from the outside world

I  just wait until it's time To get on the field

Since I was 13 football provided a departure from all negativity

Tranquility fills my heart whenever I suit up

It almost like i take on a new identity when the number 42 is on my back

I'm fearless

I'm a lion

Football is truly life

Playing football keeps me occupied

I could be doing anything else but God paved a path to football and I'm eternally grateful

After what felt like two forevers

I put my helmet on because it was finally time to run out the banner

The crowd screams so loud for us

This feeling is

For lack of a better word the feeling is just amazing

They love us

But no

We have to ignore them and stay focused

The captains win the toss and choose to kick the ball away

More pressure on me and pressure is tricky

Pressure can either burst pipes or create diamonds

I'm a diamond when it comes to this


Our opponents run tho the 36 yard line

That's not good

I lead my team onto the field and get set

I close my eyes and take a deep breath and watch coach for the play

The Strength is to the right

"Rip rip rip!"

The will, the Sam, and ends switch simultaneously

Im man on man with the running back

The ball is snapped and in a split second the running back has the ball

I run up to make the tackle but he's too quick and with the snap of a finger he's out of my reach

He scores, 6 points were were scored so quickly because of me

The crowd sits silently

It's so funny how swiftly things change

They are so angry with me

I'm angry at myself before anyone else gets the chance

I throw my helmet and kick the bench as I sit on the sideline

Last play of the game

We're up by a field goal

Coach calls my name to get in the game

I'm blitzing the quarterback

I close my eyes and take a deep breath

I'm starting him down

It's 3rd and goal

I can tell by his body language he's as nervous as me

Ball is snapped

Play action

There's a lot of pressure on him

I cross the line of scrimmage unblocked

He doesn't even know where I am

I got him

#42 has the sack

Game over

And once again they love me

as I love football

As I love my team

My team is my alternative family

A tight knit fraternity

I love you guys💪🏃💨🏈🏈🏈

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