By Spencer Woodson

The Capital city of Morocco is Rabat

Awesome Government and economy!

They have a king named King Muhammad and he is the head of the state. There was a new constitution in 2011.

This is the king of Morocco!
This is the flag Morocco


Most Moroccans use languages called Arabic and Berber. French is used widely in government, business, and education. People are starting to speak english in schools but not a lot know english.

Amazing Food in Morroco

Moroccans eat lunch it is their main meal of the day and they all eat together as I family. There lunch is important social time in the whole day because they have time to talk together as a family . Before they eat they have to wash their hands. It is impolite to finish eating before the host gets done eating. In restaurants tipping is rude and unnecessary and rude. Beef and mutton and chicken are the main meats in the Moroccans.

This is some food in Morocco!!!

Here are awesome places to visit!!!

This is the capital of Morocco!

Interesting facts about Morocco!

In Morocco, it is considered impolite to handle food with the left hand.Morocco is the only African country that is not a member of the African Union.

They are all eating with there right hand.

School and Education!

School starts for them at age six and seven. It last for six years. Children go to middle school after primary school for 3 years. And then they do 3 years of high school. Public education is free in Morocco.

Kids in school

Arts of Morocco!

They listen to music called Gnaoua, Chebbi, and Berber which are different types of music. The dances can included crouching and whirling dance while playing music. Morocco is famous for pottery ceramic tile. Ceramic Tile is clay that hardens and it is used for walls and floors.

Awesome Holidays

If Moroccans have a national Holiday. They do not have to go to work. There is a holiday called Eid al-Kabir it is celebrated because of Abraham’s Willingness son because he got sacrifice.

Morocco Country’s historical background

The first settlers came from southeast Asia. The French ruled Morocco un tell independence in 1956. In July 2011 half of the kings power will go to the prime minister. The Arabs invaded Morocco in the seventh century but the Morocco’s won.


Moroccans believe to be well groomed and neat that is there culture. Most Moroccans wear a djellaba, women wear them all the time men wear them for a religious holiday and celebrations. Moroccans do not wear shorts in public they wear pants Gua Shorts are only reserved for the beach.

This is a Djellaba!

Housing and Transportation

Paved roads lead to major roads in Morocco. Buses are almost available every where. Rural people walk or they ride bicycles. Urban dwellers use the public transit system. In Morocco has seven airports who provide national service.

This is apartment in Morocco


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