marketing mix

The marketing mix and the 4ps of marketing are often used as equivalent for each other. In fact, they are not necessarily the same thing.The four ps are product,price,place and promotion.


The Products are the goods and services that your business provides for sale to your target market.when you are developing a product you should consider quality,design, packaging,customer service and any after sales service.


The price concerns the amount of money that the customer must pay in order to purchase your products. There are a number of thoughts in relation to price including price setting, discounts, credit and cash purchases as well as credit collection.


The place is the location and methods of getting the product to the customer. This includes the location of your business for example the shop front, distributors, logistics and the use of the internet to sell products directly to the consumers.


Promotion refers to the act of communicating the benefits of your products and services to the consumers.Then it involves general consumers into becoming customers of your business using methods like advertising,personal selling and sales promotion.

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