To find the answers of the rectangles I multiplied the number I measured by 15, then I multiplied the answers I got to and got my sum. To find the answer for the triangles I multiplied the answers I measured by 15 and took those answer and multiplied them together, and with that sum, I divided it by 2. To find the circles area, I split the circle in half, horizontally and vertically and I found the radius, then I took the Radius by 15 and multiplied the answer and multiplied it by itself and the with that answer I Multiplied by 3.14 (Pi) and got the answer.

The total area of the oil spill is 32425.51 mi 2. I got this by adding all the areas together.

After looking at my map,I think My measurements are probably not the exact thing, Why? because not all of the shapes are exact. I think that the numbers I got would be bigger than what it actually is. I think this because not every 'shape' was an actual shape so I probably measured a little more to get a better measurement.