Ferdinand Magellan

Were going on a trip on our favorite crew ship, sailing through the sea, Magellan.

Early Life of Magellan

  • Ferdinand Magellan was born in Portugal, in 1480.His parents were members of the Portuguese nobility, after his parents deaths, he was 10 years old.
  • Magellan grew up being a page for the queen. He got tutored at the Court of Portugal, which he learned about astronomy and navigation.
  • Early in Magellan’s career, he sailed to India many times. He sailed for his native Portugal, but a discussion with the Portuguese King Manoel II turned him against the Portuguese. After that, he sailed for Spain.


Ferdinand Magellan, a sea captain who lead the first voyage around the world for Spain. Magellan named the Pacific Ocean, after its calm and peacefulness. Magellan and his friend,Ruy de Falero, suggested to King Charles V that a westward voyage around the tip of South America would take them to the spice islands and stay clear from the Portuguese (with who they were competing). The voyage started September 8, 1519, and lasted until September 6, 1522 (around 3 years). Magellan's voyage started from Spain, with five ships; the Trinidad, San Antonio, Concepcion, Victoria, and Santiago. Three years later, only one ship (the Victoria) made it back, taking only 18 of the 270 crew members.

Magellan's Impact on the World

He helped prove that the world is round, by going on this voyage and people thought that the world was flat or that the world ended. Instead of having to pay a lot of money for spices and goods from other parts of the world they have a different way if they need to.

Magellan himself did not reach his target, the Spice Islands; yet he had completed the most toughest part of his mission. He had been the first to launch the circumnavigation of the world, had carried out his project completely, and achieved it. It gave the first definite proof of the earth's roundness and the first true idea of the separation of land and water.This lead to many more trade routes.

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