Cultural Diversity in the Classroom

Connect, Collaborate

I believe that connecting and collaborating in a 21st century builds cultural diversity in your classroom.  I have witnessed this in my own classroom but having hangouts with schools all over the world such as Ukraine, Nebraska, North Carolina, Vermont, and Canada.  My students have also blogged with schools in Wisconsin, United Kingdom, and Canada.  This has provided students opportunities to communicate and learn about various student's cultures and locations.  Next week we are having out first cultural exchange with a classroom in Argentina.  I am looking forward to my student's learning about another cultural which would have never been possible with out me communicating with classroom teachers through Google +. The video shows exactly why connecting and collaborating is a crucial key in 21st century learning.  

Examples and Tools

The following links were tweeted to me after reading a post on one of my followers.  I had read about some amazing things being done by connecting with places such as Africa and was very intrigued.  There are great resources and tips in how to begin connecting and collaborating with others.  

The following is an amazing blog about the power kids can have when they put their minds towards something.  

Below is an example of a student created video after a collaboration with students in Ukraine. Each student has a job in our Mystery Hangouts to solve where the other school is located.  They had to work together as a class to uncover the mystery.  They also got a chance to learn and discuss life in Ukraine.    

How will you start connecting?  

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