Lift Every Voice and Sing MM

By: TaeQuan Jones

The line that had the greatest impact on me was "Have not our weary feet"

Line 15

The speaker of the poem was slaves because they were talking about how there feet were soar. I also think the slaves were the audience so that as the song or poem went along they would all add verses.


Some of the subjects addressed were weary feet, following the path, and being true to god.


The theme is to always believe in god so that he will show you the path.

Line 27

The tone of the poem was sad and tired.

Line 20

A sensory detail that I had was weary feet because your using your feet.

Line 15

Some imagery I had was stony the road we trod.

Line 11

The figurative langugage that I found was lift every voice and sing and let our rejoicing rise.

Line 1 and 4

My unfamiliar vocabulary word was treading. Treading means to walk in a specifically way.

Line 18

Some repition was sing a song.

Line 7-8

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