Mike Berenson

Lives in Colorado


He takes photos of local nature

Likes night landscapes

"The backcountry of Mayflower Gulch near Copper Mountain, Colorado provided a terrific foreground for a long-exposure star trail sequence. So with a thin moon and a plan in mind to shoot still images from an old mining camp, I hiked up on snowshoes late one night to give it a try. After 45 minutes of exposing for star trails and then a little light painting on the cabin, I'd captured the frames I needed. Good thing, because I only had time for one attempt before the moon set and all the mountains turned dark.

At home, I found pretty good results in the composite images I was able to create. But still, the frames seemed to beg for me to try tapping some old video editing skills - just to see what I could do. Especially after having seen some really inspiring work on star trail animation, I was really curious to see what I could do in that same direction with my star trail images. I do hope you enjoy it!"

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