Notability is a productivity app designed to accommodate students in note taking and organization. Notability would be great for students because it allows them to keep electronic notes all in the same place. It also is useful for sharing notes and documents.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an app that covers a wide range of educational topics and gives lessons on specific topics. The app allows you to track your progress in certain subject areas by doing quizzes and examples. This app would be good for a student because it can give them extra practice when needed and can also be used as a learning tool outside of class. Having students go through the videos then complete the quizzes would be a fun way to get students involved in their learning.

Lewis Dots

Lewis Dots is a app devoted to drawing and creating chemical molecules. The app allows students to draw lewis dot structures of a compound and then converts it to an accurate depiction of the molecule. This would be a useful app because it would allow students to familiarize themselves with drawing lewis dot diagrams and would also help them when understanding how bonding electrons work.

Reading Bear

Reading Bear is an interactive app that helps children learn to read. This app would be useful for elementary education and allows students to work at their own pace.

Math Wise

Math Wise is an app that allows students to do math problems on their mobile device while also providing feedback to the teacher. This would be very helpful for a teacher because they would be able to see what the students are struggling with and which ones need special attention to get caught up.

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