Chillingham Castle
By: Mariana Martinez

When you first arrive at Chillingham Castle.
One of the most haunted castles in the world.

A boy known as "Boy Blue' haunts this room and you could hear him cry at midnight and a halo would appear as bright as a flashlight and would irk the people in that room.

Sometimes you can see and feel Lady Mary, who lived here in the 12th century, wondering around.
Everyone knew that back then the castle was known for one thing, killing.
Next we have the forsake dungeon of the castle.
Entrance to the dungeon.

This is the dungeon where the torturer, John Sage, put prisoners and broke their arms and legs and would stay there and die of starvation or injury.

This is the torture chamber where John Sage who was the torturer preformed gruesome punishments to the prisoners. In here there are cages, mantraps, branding irons, chains, leg irons, boiling pots, an iron maiden, stretching rack, nail barrel, spiked chair, and thumb screws.

Chillingham Castle has a very horrific history and maybe there might be a different castle out there that will be like this castle also.

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