Interesting Instagram or Intimidating  Instagram?

Does it have a positive or negative impact?

I think that Instagram is a good thing if used correctly. Instagram is mostly used for the purpose of sharing photos of interesting places or things and things that are going on in your life with friends and family. People use Instagram to express them selves and post meaningful things. Some people use it to show their skill an a photographer as well. So Instagram is a great way to stay connected. To see some of the amazing, meaningful photos people take using Instagram go to:

Instagram also allows kids to contact friends and family who they might not see a lot. It can be a good learning tool because teachers can put post and ask questions or start a debate about different points of view of the post.

Cut to 1:42.

This website has helpful comments and tips and reasons why instagram is a good thing. Motivational pictures can also be posted on instagram. This can convince kids get up and do something productive like studying, playing a sport or building something, instead of video games or social media(it's ok sometimes). It is important to have fun with what ever you do including instagram. Unfortunately, the truth is that there are people who will insult you and your posts. JUST IGNORE THEM! It is probably because they're jealous or mad and need to take their anger out on something. It is also important to NOT BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE! Let everybody have fun on instagram. For some tips on how not to be that person go to:

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Try to use stronger diction throughout your Tackk that would be in line with your title. Although you have posted some links, they should be relevant and related to whatever you are writing about. When choosing videos makes sure that you have watched many beforehand so that you can choose the one that is the most persuasive.