Little to Fancy

This tackk tells all the ways of starting small, and going to the top with just a few tricks. Going from low to pro. #littletofancy


We all know that language arts teachers want us to write sentences that blow their minds. How are we supposed to do that you ask? Take a simple sentence, change a few words and then it's a perfect sentence for teachers. Take some of these samples.

"I did what I had to do" or "I perfectly completed the assignment bestowed to me"

"It was good" or "The excellence was superbly amazing"

Last one "That is the end" or "This brings a conclusion to my telling"

Which ones were better? Just remember to change a few words and you will be earning 100's in no time.


A lot of people absolutely hate to do math or show work. I personally wish I could just put the answer down and be done. What you have to do here is label everything. If the problem doesn't say what measurement you are doing then just write down cubic units. You'll impress all of your math teachers.


Whether it's the bathroom or kitchen, we all hate chores. If you spend a lot of time on the chore wiping random things down, then you will probably be good. Do the most noticeable things like the dishes or the mirror, but then just clean random things like you spent a lot of time on the chore. Your parents will definitely be more proud of you after that.


Honestly cleaning your room is the worst. If you have a closet just keep the curtains or door closed always. Just shove everything into random drawers and the closet. Out of sight out of mind. Never take the stuff out of its place. Keep it there forever. I cannot stress enough how important that is. Just forget about it.


Well I can't help you much here. Just try to stick all the homework in the front and finished papers in the back of the binder. Thats all I really got there.


If you want these to be 90's or above then just put a lot of cited sources. If it's online then all the better. Put a bunch of pictures and videos on the presentation. The project will probably

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thanks @kobebombita for the little to fancy idea