Свободное время подростков  в Великобритании?

Уважаемые родители и ученики, предлагаю вам принять участие в проекте !  В ходе этого проекта вы познакомитесь с тем ,как подростки проводят свое свободное  время в Великобритании и получите возможность сравнить времяпровождение ваших детей и зарубежных сверстников.

1) The way people spend their free time depends first of all on the age, second –on the personality , the third –on the way of life accepting in particular country.

2) As to Britain it can really described as a “leisure society.” This is because there are a great variety of leisure pursuits. Young people generally go out on Friday or Saturday nights to a disco, to a concert or to a pub. In recent years going out for a meal or getting a take-away meal have become popular too. During the past years there is a great increase in keeping fit and staying healthy. A lot of teens started running, jogging and going to different fitness clubs in their spare time. Aerobics classes and fitness clubs opened in every town, and the number of recreation centres greatly increased. Indoor pools, with their wave-making machines, water slides and tropical vegetation, have became very popular.

The same is true for Russia. A lot of teens go in for different kinds of sport.

3) The young generation is fond of communication. There are many available methods of communication nowadays, and the most popular one is computers. Unfortunately, watching a movie on television has been replaced with playing a DVD on the computer. Considering that many people get addicted to the Internet, parents should be able to recognize when their teen is developing a bad habit. The isolating, repetitive nature of computer work in general can be stunting in terms of development. In addition, parents should be concerned if their teens are not getting enough exercise, nutrition and sleep.

4) There are plenty of other kinds of activities, such as travelling, visiting historical places, babysitting, delivering newspapers, putting together jigsaw puzzles, reading, going to different museums, skateboarding, going fishing, hitchhiking, shopping, helping people in need, joining a computer club and others.

So, we can say “So many teens; so many kinds of activities.”

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