Building Blocks

enhancing children's lives through creativity


"These programs give students many opportunities for growth and learning that they might not find elsewhere."


Our Mission

At Building Blocks, our goal is to feature fun, developmentally appropriate lessons and activities which help to develop the whole child, physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

About Building Blocks

Building Blocks is a place where underprivileged children come to broaden their horizons and excel in new ways because of the opportunities presented to them. Our program implements feelings of support and motivation. The children who attend our program come from homes where stability and supervision are often absent. We strive to make Building Blocks a place kids want to attend. The ultimate goal of the program is to give children the drive to learn and provide them the extra attention and support needed for success.

Building Blocks has an environment conducive to increasing creativity and out of the box thinking. Children can engage in various activities ranging from art, science, sports, gardening, team building games, writing to pen pals, and listening to guest speakers. We can ensure you that the outcome of our program has a lasting positive impact on both those attending and volunteering.

How to Help

Become a volunteer:

When you volunteer with Building Blocks, you are joining a group of individuals who are dedicated to make a difference in the life of every child that walks through our door. We value your talents, gifts, service, and most importantly, your passion for helping our communities children in need. Requirements are basic and include: being 18 or older, having an enthusiastic mindset, working well with children, and passing a background check.

Be a guest speaker:

If you would like to get involved but are unable to commit enough time to be a regular volunteer, consider being a guest speaker. At Building Blocks we want to show our children how the information they are learning now benefits them in the future. One of the most important ways we can convey this message is through guest speakers. Speakers come from a variety of backgrounds including toy inventors, artists, scientists, athletes, and entrepreneurs.


Consider giving a monetary gift or donating school supplies to help us with every day activities and expenses. Building Blocks is funded solely off of the generosity of our patrons. Your gifts allow us to continue our programs and let us share our passion of helping children in our community.


"Giving back is the act of doing something for the good of society, a community or subset thereof with no expectation of reimbursement for time, energy, or actions." -The Davidson Institute Team

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