Anne Hutchinson

By Syrena H

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Anne Hutchinson's role in the Colonial American history was she persuaded religious freedom. She joined the congregation with John Cotton but it changed when she had different ideas and wish to allow freedom of thoughts. Anne wished to worship God as she believed but she was governed by the beliefs of the puritans. She had a group/class of women at her house and tried to tell them they should believe what they believe in not what the puritans believe. The puritans thought of Anne as threat to their religion and their beliefs. In 1638 Anne Hutchinson was arrested for trying to change other women beliefs about God and tried to tell the women they shouldn't believe what the puritans believe they should. Soon in court they found Anne guilty for heresy and got banish from Boston by the Civil Court. In 1638 her and her followers moved from Boston and found a home in Portsmouth and adopted a new government. Her and her family was soon massacred by the native Indians in 1643.

This is Anne talking in court about what she did that puritans didn't like.

Anne had her own class she taught them religious freedom and believe what they think they should believe in and to not  to believe what the puritans say to believe in.

They made statues for Anne Hutchinson because she represented religious freedom.

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