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Before hand planning on creating a website to present yourself to the internet world is essential to get down what you would like to be shown to represent yourself. What you decide to show mirrors the general aspect of who you are, so pick wisely. When planning you have to make sure you can keep your professionalism intact while at the same time being yourself. Pick things that are also truthful which the person observing can either relate or depending on the person might not relate to your professionalism/personality.

Present photos, videos, and or audio for an actual real time reference of how you dress, talk, and character. This allows people how to get a broad idea on what to expect on meeting you in the flesh. To allow to get an actual insight on who you are, create a bio that is straight to who you are, and throw in some personality in their to get the reader/readers to see where you came from, and how far you have been to be where you are at now. In that bio of course provide credentials, and credibility, to get people the idea you know your field of work, whatever that may be.

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