Big hero 6 which is the name of a funny action animation was got an oscar in 2015 and it has been the biggest successful of Walt Disney Animation Studio. Big hero 6 was released in cinema last november but it had been set in august 2012 by Don Hall and Chris Williams who were the director. Although this film was a product of Disney but it was based on a comic of Marvel whose studio was sold to Disney. The movie have two main characters which are Hiro Hamada and Bay Max and they were played by Ryan Potter and Scott Adsit. However, it didn't not only have two stars but also have Jamie Chung, Maya Rudolph, J.J.Miley.

First of all, the scene in Big hero 6 was mixed San Francisco and Tokyo  so that the new scene name was San Fransokyo. That city looked extremely interesting where our main characters played a very important roles. Hido Hamada, who was a clever boy, went to univertity when he was 9 years old. Beside that, Bay Max was the name of a medical robot which had been invented by Hiro's brother.

Secondly, Hiro invented the micro bots to help people in job, reseach and daily life. However, someone stole Hiro's product for his avenger plan and this plan could make the world go down. Therefore, Hiro, Bay Max and his friend invented another products which were built in his friend idea and they made a team.

Finaly, together, they fight with the bad guy and the bad guy's plan was broken by them after that, the world peacefull again. However, Bay Max was destroyed in the end of the battle. They came back to the daily life but only Hiro felt sad because of the leaving of Bay Max. In the end of film Hiro found the way to build Bay Max again in his brother's computer and he came back to his university.

Big hero 6 have an interesting plot which will tell you about the family's relationship, friendship and it is going to move on your heart with enough high feeling to make you cry. Besides that, some exciting or funny scene will be able to make you relaxed. Specially, by the 3D special effects, the action was created to look like a real action so we might feel that we are in film and we must evade the blow, kick or something are flying to your face. It also have a wonderful soundtrack but the best song is immortal which was played by Fall Out Boy.

PS: It will be the best animated film for you. You should watch it and I promise that you will want to watch it again. (At least twice)

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