Civil war journal

Ann Buckley

My name is Ann Buckley i was born in Alabama with my small family. My parents own 8 slaves that spend most of there day picking cotton and one of the older women slaves lived in are house with us to take care of my younger brother. When i was 19 i decided to move to the north because i soon noticed how bad slaves were treated. I wanted slavery to stop as soon as possible. When i moved to the south i worked on being an abolitionist and in the process of being one i met a man who soon became my husband. A year after i had 2 children. soon before i knew it the civil had started and the union needed all the help it could get. I wanted to volunteer some how but women were not allowed to fight. Back home i studied on being an nurse so i volunteered as a nurse.  

Photo Prompt: Solider Selfie

This is a group photo with some of the nurses that worked for me  #selfiefordays.

Photo prompt: Color

These are a few men relaxing while getting prepared for the long battle .


Journal entry #2


Abby: I am so fit to the tied! we haven’t gotten greenbacks in about 6 months now!

Annie: Ya i agree Possum, lets grab a root.

Abby: Ya, my bread basket is getting empty I need to feed it. All i’ve had for a week was goobers.

Annie: wanna ask if the fresh fish want to join.


Annie:but lets not sit next to the sunday soldiers

Abby: No need, they have been whipped to the bone. There Played out

Annie: Bully! lets go!


Journal entry #3


being a nurse isn't vary easy especially if your serving a war. I have been spending most of my days practicing and studying. All the troops and nurses are settled in the middle of the wilderness. We all sleep in tents, in each tent there are at least 2 to 3 people sleeping in one tent. A normal day at camp is nothing exciting some of the men train and train for hours or some men have to do drills but us women we just stay outside and study and practice i mean a nurse must be prepared for anything.


Photo prompt: Morning

Bright and early in the morning the men gather around and eat there breakfast and discus battle strategies.


Journal entry #4


Question 1

I:Jeremiah, when you chose to lie about your age,what caused you to make that choice?

J: I lied about my age because i wanted to fight with my brother. i knew it was a bad choice but i knew it was for a good reason.

Question 2

I: Jeremiah, looking back what is something in your life that you are proud or
happy about?

J: I am proud of many things but im most proud of joining the army with my brother.

Question 3

I: Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?

J: I wish i had never left my mother back home. I wish i had never left her because i wont see her for a few months or even worse never and plus shes sick so i will never get any updates.


Interview question 4 (Look back at the italicized section at your "ending")
I: Jeremiah, how do you feel about leaving your brother.

J: I feel vary upset and sad i mean it my brother who would not miss there brother. It sucks even worst because we are fighting in a battle so i will never hear or see him again.


Photo prompt: Fun

For fun i like to write songs in my journal.


Journal entry #5

When i have some free time i spend most of my time studying some nurse stuff but if i want to have fun i try to make stuff like dolls with stick and leafs. When i am super bored i attempt to write songs about my life and how the wars is going. My favorite food during the war was maybe corn bread even though it had some flaws it still was better then nothing  

Journal entry #6

yo my name ann and union nurse

i help the soldiers all day errryyy day

when they get cuts ill get you nuts  

I'll come to the rescue  and help  you

ill bring a bandage and a carriage

frekafreka fresh

those showers doe

burrrrrrrn ....... ill bring some bring


Journal entry #7

Since im a nurse I saw everything from deaths and a lot of sickness and many more . I witnessed people getting sick from mosquito bites because are camp sight was by a pound or a lake and those misquotes had some deities in them that soon were passed on to are troops and others. Most of the deaths were caused by diarrhea this happened due to the poor food we eat. When they had diarrhea most of the soldiers got desiderated and died. Sometimes soldiers would get a cut or get hurt and there wound would get infected and would cause a lot of horrible thing seethe only way to sometimes solve it was to cut of the body part were the wound was. We would cure all these sick people by drugging them up with drugs and we also believe that by cutting them the bleeding will help them heal.


Photo prompt: battle

These men are setting up there cannons for battle


Journal entry #8

I'm finally home after 4 long dreadful years in the war. I've seen so much things that i will never forget and they will haunt me in my dreams. I've seen everything from deaths and many more horrible stuff. When i finally got back home i saw my family which at first i found it hard to recognize . All my children were all grown up its hard to think that i never saw my kids grow from a little baby seed now into a beautiful grown flower. Being on the union side it had no big great effect as much as the union did for example the some of the battles took place in the south which meant they lost a lot of homes and more people but up in the north we just lost a lot of are men during the war . Being away from your home for 4 long years it the most aweful thing i got home sick after the first week. Im just glad to be home with my family again and finally be home and relax.


Photo prompt: home

Me and my family.



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