On Wednesday in social studies, we practiced meditation. I really enjoyed it because of how extremely relaxing it was. We practiced normal meditation, where the goal was simple: clear your mind. All you had to do sit with good posture and let go of everything. It's the same when you use mantras, like we did, except you say a calming, generally one-syllable word like "aum." The last thing we practiced was guided meditation, where we laid down on our backs and had to imagine a scene and events to what we were instructed, like a story you get to complete in your mind.

I really enjoyed meditation because it really helped me for the rest of the day. It helped me in my last class, language arts, and it helped me keep a good mood when I went to the doctor's office later on. For the rest of the day, I just felt a lot happier. Ever since I've tried to take about 2 minutes every day just to sit and silence my mind, because it helps me with anxiety. I'd love to do it again as a class.

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