The reasons you should buy tea online India?

A chai drinker’s life in India is more like a day without food. Tea is very common in every household in India as Indians start their day with a cup of Chai (Tea called as chai in Hindi). A morning cup of tea refreshes and vitalizes the mind and helps cheer up the day. Tea is the most drunk liquid in the world after water. Indians in their day to day life prefer drinking CTC black tea with milk and other Indian spices. CTC stands for Crush Tea and Curl is a process of tea production method followed mainly in Assam, Doars, Kerala and some southern lowland tea estates in India.

India is also a big exporter of tea, however more than 85% of the teas are consumed in India itself and Assam is the largest producer of tea in India. Still finding a good cup of tea is very difficult in India since most of the top quality teas get exported to western countries.

Hence finding a good cup of tea without going out to the market is to buy tea online India from the premium tea stores. Some of the best teas are found in the online stores as they are being sold directly from the source to both domestic and international customers, though they are a bit expensive. The highest grade teas are very rarely found in the retail stores in India due to its high price and only the low grade teas are normally available throughout the country.

India produces mostly CTC tea and Black orthodox tea, and the most commonly drunk tea in India is CTC tea. Regular CTC tea brands available in the market are mainly a blend of different grades of CTC teas from different gardens. The blend varies from very low grade to the mid range to some amount of high grade teas, however tea connoisseurs prefer single estate unblended teas from a single tea garden and from a single batch. The tea taster’s job is to keep the taste as precise as possible all round the year. Hence they are capable of bringing up the taste of even low quality teas, but that cannot match the taste of the high quality single batch tea.

Hence it is imperative to find a premium online tea store and buy tea online India your next cup of tea and enjoy the difference in the taste between a blended tea and a high grade single estate single batch unblended cup of tea. There is a whole lot of difference in the tea drinking experience, the high quality teas are full bodied and brisk and a sip is enough to make the difference felt.