Caesar Invades Britain; Warriors Fight Back
By: Jacob Malizio

DEAL, BRITAIN- On August 26, 55 BCE, Julius Caesar and his Roman troops invaded Britain. The Britains were angry at these invaders for trespassing on their land. They fought back. Caesar had been planning this expedition for a year since 56 BCE.

Caesar traveled with two legions. His cavalry force traveled separately. There were a total of about 12,000 men on his ships.

Caesar's journey came to a halt when bad weather came into effect. Caesar's crew was forced back to Gaul, where his ships were left damaged. This left them with no cavalry force to have an effective battle.

When Julius Caesar and his men finally reached Deal, Britain, they were suprised to see that the Britains were ready to battle. "I was not expecting this," Caesar remarked, "But I had to be prepared for the worst, so I engaged in a battle with those evil Britains."

The British used javelin to hurdle at the Romans. They used the "Hit and Run" war tactic. All of their men came from different tribes. A Roman soldier described his opinion these strategies. "Their foolish, immature tricks will not work on us. We fight in a civilized matter. We will take them down."

Romans fought in more disciplined formations and wore more armor. Although Caesar had never lost a battle, his expedition was still considered a failure.

Julius Caesar is currently planning yet another expedition to finish what he started in Deal. He plans to disembark on his second expedition in 54 BCE with all new war tactics and strategies to ensure a success.

7th Annual Games Begin in the Colosseum
By: Jacob Malizio

ROME, ITALY- On May 22, 87 CE the 7th annual Roman Games have begun inside the Colosseum. Atticus Petronius, an undefeated gladiator, and Maximus Septimus, a beginner, went head to head in a gladiator fight for the viewers entertainment by jabbing swords and swinging maces to attempt to hurt or kill the opposing gladiator  

In the beginning of the match, Septimus circled Petronius, watching his every move. He knew that he would try to trap him with his signature move, so Maximus began to slash him with his sword, catching him off guard. Atticus pulled out his mace and countered his sword attack. They both had to be careful not to kill each other right away so the audience would have an entertaining fight to watch.

Sweating in the hot sun, Maximus was able to maneuver around Atticus and trapped him with a net. "Lets see what the audience thinks," Septimus boomed, "If the audience feels that your fighting was worthy of sparing your life, then I will let you live. If not, I will sentence you to death with my three-pronged trident." Often times, this is how gladiator fights ended. However, the crowd felt that Petronius put up a good fight, therefore his life was spared. "A true underdog story," a witness of the match stated.

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