Police Captains: Captain Allenger, Captain Darnold, Captain Vyas

Natural Killer Cell Mafia

DESCRIPTION OF SUSPECT: Small colorless mobile cell that originates in bone marrow


Murder Description

NK attaches to the targeted virus and/or cancer cells.  Then, the NK releases chemicals that proceed to breach the cell wall.  Finally, the NK breaks up cells, killing the target.


  • Surveillance footage from near by security camera
  • Cancer
  • NK attacks target by releasing his chemical bombs to weaken the victim.  
  • NK Cell proceeds to chop up the victim into pieces with his ninja sword.
  • To dispose of the dead bodies, NK drops them off to Macrophages, which eat the dead bodies.  


  • Virus
  • Similar to first murder
  • NK attacks target with a chemical bomb and chops them up.

Hide Out

  • Known to: burrow inside bones and live in bone marrow


  • Second Line of Defense Cells: T-cells, B-cells, and Dendritic  
  • T-cells are the look out for potential victim, such as cancer and viruses.
  • B-cells produce antibodies, which lock onto the victim and immobilizes them until the macrophage consumes them.
  • Dendritic are like the spies for the NK. They notice if there are cancerous cells or viruses and then presents the evidence to T cells in the lymph nodes.
NK Cell vs. Virus

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