Fire and Ice

Hailey Groves


Lava is molten rock.

Lava is a noun

Robert Downey Jr. likes to drink lava before taking his morning jog.


An avalanche is a collapsing of land or snow.

Avalanche is a noun.

Whilst her majesty Queen Elizabeth II was performing her cover of "My heart will go on," there was an avalanche in the distance.


D.) The cause of the earthquake was the movement of earth's plates. The result of this event was possible temporary changes in the environment. Also, a loss of wildlife due to the ash and explosion.

E.) It think that the volcano would be most damaging. Because Washington experiences more earthquakes than volcanoes. We are more 'immune' to an earthquake because we have them all the time. However, volcanoes are more rare for Washington, and when Mt.St Helens erupted, the damage was worse and far more memorable than any of the earthquakes that have occurred in Washington.

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