Erectile Dysfunction & Smoking Should Never Go in Hand in Hand

I have been married for over 5 years now. I and my partner live happily today. However, married life in the early days was not that easy. To be honest, I failed almost every day in the bedroom. When it came to making it in bed, I had this fear of losing erection. When I lost erection, it was really frustrating for me. I felt embraced and helpless in front of young and beautiful lady. When erection problem became so common, I reduced the frequency of sex with my partner. However, when I made it to her in bed, the same thing happened: erection problem. I did not tell her that I had impotence because I thought she would walk out.

One I asked her to make love to me and she said ‘I am not in the mood’. I got the message but still wanted to make love and satisfy my sexual desire. When I pleaded a lot, she got ready for that act in bed. As I rolled over her, I had a good erection, but the moment she undressed herself, I lost it in between. Looking down there and finding it dead like always, she asked: ‘why do you undress me if you cannot make it’? Next, she asked me to tell her the exact problem. I said, I wanted to tell you but I feared that you would walk out after knowing it. She assured that she loved me a lot and would never leave. Finally, I admitted that I was suffering from erectile dysfunction. Thanks, she supported a lot and I recovered.

The first thing she asked me to do was to quit smoking. I stopped smoking and began to notice some improvement. However, I was not able to get as hard as I should have been. Finally, I started my research about medicines for erectile dysfunction. Some were very expensive, some very cheap. Finally, it was kamagra tablet I chose to cure my erection problems. This proved to be a great medication and worked well by improving my blood and giving me hard enough erections during intercourse. My erection was as hard as I and my spouses wanted it to be like. I was able gain erection as well as confidence in the bed.

The best thing I did was that I combined kamagra with a healthy diet and regular exercising. It helped to quickly recover from erectile dysfunction. Today, even when I don’t take sildenafil medicines for impotence, I can make love to my lady love and satisfy her. I no longer lose erection or go soft in between. So if you are a man with some kind of erection problem, I would recommend taking kamagra along with some diets and exercises.

Kamagra will help you to relieve your condition in a faster, better and more cost-effective way. It is said that the medicine also helps to cope up with the premature ejaculation by increasing the length of erection, increases chances of multiple orgasm and result in greater satisfaction from intercourse. To know more about this medication, talk to your doctor now.