• My country is Venezuela.
  • The capital of Venezuela is Caracas.
  • Major languages are Spanish, English, Italian, Latin and Greek.
  • Its located in South America.
  • The Population 30.41 million.
  • The average age of the people is about 27.
  • The lifespan expectancy is around 75 years.


  • Three major cites in Venezuela are Caracas, Valencia, Barcelona.
  • Three major bodies of water are Lake Guri, Orinoco river, Lake Maracaibo.


  • Average rainfall each year is about 20 inches of rain.
  • Average temperature each is is 76 Fahrenheit.


  • Some holidays that a celebrated in Venezuela are Dia de ano Nuevo (Which means New years eve), Dia de la Juventud (Youth Day) Carnaval (Carnival).
  • Major sports in Venezuela Baseball, Basketball and Soccer.
  • Ethnic groups of Venezuela Mestizos, Blacks and Indigenous.

Interesting Facts

  • Transportation in Venezuela are mainly cars.
  • A taboo is Venezuela is if you stick your tongue and touch it with your pointer finger it means your calling them a liar.
  • Some unusual laws in Venezuela are it is illegal to have sex with an idiot, in Valencia, it is against the law for homosexuals to donate blood or plasma and violent video games are banned.

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