The Mayan's

The Mayan's came from Southeastern Mexico, which are part Mesoamerican.

The Mayan's

People: The Mayan's were farmer's, they would grow crops on their rich land. Men and women did different task's. For example, men would do the fighting and hunting for the family. While the women had to stay to take care of the house and the children. Mayan's were very religious, they were polytheistic which they would worshipped various gods related to nature.

They would perform public sacrifices to please their gods. People would freely volunteer to be sacrificed. Maya's were also very warlike, men were the only warriors to go fight in combat.  Their paintings on the walls of the temples show that they have been fighting constantly. Many believe that this made the fall of the Mayan's, but before that people thought that they were peaceful.

Region: The region is broken into the lowlands and the highlands. The lowland region below is 800 meters, with the climate being rainy and dry. They use this region to grow crops and produce their food. The highland region includes a string of mountains that are volcanically active, their metals came from this region to make tools and weapons. The central of the Maya area was full of plants and forests. The land also had dangerous animals like jaguars and crocodiles. The Mayan's would get rid of the trees to make more space for their land.

Food: The basic food of the Mayan's is cornmeal and chocolate. Chocolate was used as a beverage for the upper classes and it was used for money. They would grow crops like corn, beans, squash, and cassava. Foods were developed too like guacamole and tamales, they would use food as a gift for the gods. For their breakfast they would eat eggs with fried banana slices. With the food being developed other foods were made like coffee and salsa's.

Tools/Weapons: For their weapons the Mayan's would use limestone for constructing buildings. Another thing that they would use was volcanic rock obsidian, which was for tools weapons. Salt was another ingredient that was used, the weapons that they would use was axes, clubs, shields, and helmets. But they would basically use rocks and wood to make the basic tools like spears and hammers. Since the Mayan's were very warlike they loved making weapons for their battles. The tools were also used for hunting for animals, the bow and arrow are the most common.

Shelter: They would build temples and pyramids for sacred uses, like pleasing their gods or make sacrifices. Mayan houses were built out of adobe and thatch, the buildings were constructed on low platforms. The walls were stacked with stone, rooms were rectangle but with rounded edges since the house was a Tut. The room was used as a kitchen and home for their chickens. The floors of the houses were dirt or gravel, their roof was wood.

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