Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a type of medicine that involves little amount of radioactive material that helps doctor's find diseases , such as heart diseases, detects cancer, and neurological disorders...etc ,basically nuclear medicine can detect radiation coming from ones body (inside)

they detect the diseases with a machine called nuclear gamma camera, this machine helps doctors figure out whats functioning well and whats not functioning well inside your body by showing different colors; each color with its own meaning

Nuclear medicine began 50 years ago "Approximately 4,000 hospital-based nuclear medicine departments and perhaps 1,000 freestanding imaging centers in the United States perform about 12 million nuclear medicine imaging studies every year, helping to save countless lives"

Explaining nuclear medicine

Types of Nuclear Medicine

1)bone scan

2)kidney scan

3)PET scan


5)MIBG scan

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What its like to work with nuclear medicine

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