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CLIMATE! The Climate of the interior plains is very diverse. The weather in different areas is different. As you would go up north, the winters are much colder and much longer than the summers which are shorter and cooler. Going down south the weather is normal, long summers and cold winters. However, there is very little precipitation which is odd, weather is abnormal in the interior plains. Fun fact, southern areas of the interior plains can go 271 days a year without precipitation.

LANDSCAPE! The interior plains is basically very flat land, with small hills. The land is very flat, to the point where you can see a mile of land. In the interior plains there are also escarpments. A long steep slope. There are also badlands, dry terrain. There are also shallow ponds and large areas of wet lands all across the interior plains.

VEGETATION AND SOIL! Most of this area is prairie land so it consists of mostly grass, but there is a good amount of trees. Trees such as fir, pine and spruce. The soil in the interior plains is fertile and good to farm with. A lot of wheat products come from the interior plains. There are grain fields in this region.  Wheat, barley, oats, flax, canola, mustard, potatoes, corn and sugar beets are grown in the interior plains.

ROCKS! The interior plains has sedimentary rocks.


The interior plains provides many things for people to do when visiting. A wide variety of things to do. Doing activities such as camping, skiing, hiking, snowshoeing etc. The flat lands would provide nice camping ground for tourists who want a day of nature, and the weather in the south of the interior plains can provide that for people who wish to camp. The summers which are hot and long. Also the nights would be quite lovely and people will remember the stars at night and being able to star gaze. Hiking is also something which could be done as well.  Skiing is something which is enjoyed by many people! North in the interior plains is colder and has more snow, the prairies and escarpments would provide nice ski land for people want to ski. This also is applicable to any other snow related activities such as snowshoeing as well. There are more than just outdoor activities as well, visiting cities and etc are available too but the outdoors of the interior plains is very nice!

This video represents camping.


The climate in the interior plains depends on where you are. The north part of the interior plains has a longer and colder winter. The summer in the north would be shorter and very cool. Tourists who seek to do things like ski, snowshoe and do other winter related activities then the northern part of the Canada is where they would belong. The southern part of Canada has a longer summer which is hot but winter is still there. The southern area of the interior plains is recommended for people who want to camp or hike because of the nice hot weather and wonderful atmosphere. However, downside there is not a lot of precipitation in the interior plains.



Downside, there are many types of natural disasters that actually occur, some which are major like tornadoes and floods. The weather changes a lot.

As you can see there is a risk of tornadoes which can occur in the interior plains.



Overall the interior plains is a very nice place to go when going on vacation. When it comes to outdoor activities the interior plains provides more than enough things to do.


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