Causes of World War I

The expansion of the navy was one cause of WWI

The Navy Ships were one of the main causes of tension building in Europe, because countries believed that if one became strong than the others they would try and take over all of Europe and the world.


This is the French soldiers using a flamethrower
These are British machine gunners wearing gas gear

The weapons being used in the pictures above are machine guns and flamethrowers.  These were new inventions that illustrates the advancement in weapons and technologies.


As a result of the war this is the ruined buildings at Chateau Thierry

As an impact of the war many cities were destroyed and burned down. People's homes and lives were ruined, and would take years or the rest of their lives to recreate again.


German Troops taking control over civilians
These are children of soldier in Berlin

The conditions that civilians lived in during the war were not ones they were happy about.  If it was from young kids to adults it was unpleasant and challenging, because there were no places that were safe for them to go.


Amercan soldiers clearing trench with gas flappers
Soldiers lives were not plesant as you can see the american soldiers during an attack

These are the conditions that the Soldiers had to live in during World War I. They were not a place were anybody should ever be let alone live in for years on end until the war was over, unless they passed away first.