Destination Carthage, MO

By Jocelyn, Madison, and Jacqueline

Carthage's history is where you can learn about the artifacts of the battle of Carthage. It was made on July 5, 1861.The civil war museum's artifact's and information about the Battle of Carthage and the civil war in the southwest MO.

    The Carthage public library is one of the last remaining Carnegie libraries. It was built in 1904. It was built with  Carthage limestone. E.L.Dale made the memorial library gardens.

    Jasper County Courthouse was built in 1894-1895. It is in the Romanesque Revival. It was built with Carthage stone. Kendrick place survived from being burned during the Civil war. It was used as a commander center by North and southern forces during the Civil war. The Powers Museum is a local history about the route 66. The route 66 highway was one of the first concrete-paved portions of Missouri's highways system . It was built in 1920. It's connected to Carthage to Joplin. In 1926 it became a part of the national highway system we now call route 66.

    Victorian home driving tour regions is the most architecturally significant residences. It was built between 1870 and 1910. There are a lot of attractions like places to visit. In 1989 Samuel J. Butcher opened the precious moments chapel.  There are about 70 murals that is based on the bible. Kellogg lake is a man made lake. You can fish, swim and have a picnic. It's the largest outdoor classroom in the region. The 66 drive-in is the last of the original six drive-in theaters. Kiddie land was built in the early 1950's and started with train ride in a total of four rides.

    Marlin Perkins Carthage Missouri highest profile native son was born in 28,1905 was traveled all over the world. He took pictures and filmed animals. He was a zoo director of the St. Louis Zoo helped to capture animals to establish the St. Louis zoo. He died on June 1986.

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