Right Steps To Develop Great Mobile Apps

Mobile usage has grown tremendously in the recent years. There are around 2 billion smartphone users in the world in 2015. Mobile technology is updating day by day. Now a day’s, people can get anything by sitting in one place, they can shop, book a ticket and transfer money.

Building a quality mobile app requires many steps and different specialties

  • Wireframing - Wireframing is the important process to build a foundation of app needs to design and function. To discover the app throughout the world. A Mobile App Development Company London is an easy way to do anything by sitting in one place.
  • App Screen Design - Designing the app to iOS and android is very important to viewers.
  • App Programming - Programming the app for iOS and android devices.
  • Application / Database Framework - Setting up the server side (cloud / back end) and creating database.
  • Server-side Application Programming - Writing the code is to be implementing the back-end functionality.
  • APIs Development - APIs is the app screen to the server-side application and database.
  • Usability QA- Testing an app screen for getting any error and fixing any issues.
  • Multi-platforms, Multi-devices, OS versions, Resolutions QA - Testing an app of all android, IOS and windows phone. The different OS versions of android versions, IOS versions and windows phone versions. Is to be tested for all versions to use the app.
  • Back-end QA - Testing the back-end for good performance of the app.
  • Cloud Setup - Set up to the server-side application to the server / cloud.
  • Submit to App Stores – Publish the apps for different platforms like; iOS (App Store), Android (Play Store) and Windows (Windows Store).

What factors should consider before building mobile app?


Today, everything is app, there is an app for anything. Consumers depend more on mobile apps for booking hotel rooms, for shopping and booking tickets. The Mobile app market has grown tremendously in the last decade and hundreds of apps appear daily in the app stores. The success of app depends upon how your app communicates with users. When developing apps, developers should know very well about the platform that they develop app for. All the platforms have their own guidelines, so developers need to follow that to get accepted their iPhone Apps Development Company London.

Different Screen Size Mobiles;

Android, Windows, Blackberry and iOS device screen sizes may be different, but users always expect a good quality app.If you develop app for devices with screen size 4.5 inch,it is not sure your app will be compatible for devices with screen size5.5 inch.The common screen widths of mobile are 128, 176, 240, 320, 360, 480-600 (landscape). The flexible design will be compatible for most of the devices and provides a great user experience.

How to choose the best mobile app development company?

You need to hire an experienced developer to develop the apps. A good developer is one with excellent coding skills, responsible for creating apps and always use innovative methods to develop apps.

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