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My business name is Luscious. I'm good at cooking, I can tell if the food is too salty and my cooking tastes so good because I make it with love. Also, when I was little and when my mom had a day off from work she taught me how to cook. Because of this I know people will love my restaurant in the New York area more than any other. I was looking for a good restaurant and while I was eating my hamburger I thought about how vegetarians might feel because of a lot of restaurants, that are close, aren’t really vegetarian friendly.

I’m going to open a restaurant half vegetarian and half carnivore restaurant. But the restaurant will be big split in half and will have a big sign of what will be inside. That way no vegan will go on the wrong side and no carnivore will go to the other. Unless of course, they want to go to the other side. There will be vegan hoagies, vegan cuisines, soupe a l'oignon, hamburgers and cheese steak. All for the vegetarian people, everyone who loves to have a little french food and fast food for anyone who likes it.

My target customers are people who love eating vegetarian food, french food and fast food. Mostly any age customers are target customers, as long as you like those three things you’re a customers. First I'll have to have people testing the food. If lots of people love the food and the idea of putting a half vegetarian and half carnivore restaurant then I'll do it. Of course there will be some people against it, but if more people like it then I will keep the idea.

My two main competitors would have to be vegetarian restaurants and fast food restaurants. It would have to be those two because of the food I will have in the restaurant.

I'll need about $50,000 to start the business. I will need 5 employees for each side of the restaurant, eating utensils, stuff to make the food and enough cash to pay for the bills of the restaurant.

My short time goals would have to be about making a small restaurant with enough people to come work with and for me. My long time goal would have to be making a big restaurant and putting the restaurant in the newspaper and in commercial. Then, I will be able to have lots of restaurants everywhere for everyone to enjoy!

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