Infuse Learning

On-line Polling Tool

Step 1 - Teachers

To start a polling session, teachers should go to:
and register for an account. This will give you the Room Number to share with students (note Room ID in upper left corner) - this number stays the same.

Infuse Learning is a great formative assessment tool where you ask questions on the fly (using Quick Assessment) or type them in as a stand alone quiz. I find it more reliable if I logon first as the teacher and then students join me. Teachers will always logon to the teacher webspace to begin asking questions. For those with iPads, the InfuseDraw is a really fantastic opportunity!

HINT - consider if you are going to ask similar scaled questions, have your scale on the wall for quick reference!

Step 2 - Students

Provide students with this link to access the polling environment: iPad users can consider sending this link to their homepage, or add it to the class website, Symbaloo, etc. Students will access this link put in their name and the room number supplied by the teacher.

HINT - at some point, a student will accidentally get kicked out of the room, make sure you display the Room ID on the wall to speed re-entry into the polling environment.

Step 3 - Watch Infuse Learning in Action