Mobile Learning apps

Utilizing apps in the classroom


Tappestry allows students to share everything they’ve learned asynchronously. It categorizes threads of specific information learned by topic and location so material may be gathered effectively. Also, Tappestry lets students share what they’ve learned through the use of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Tappestry is available for free for apple devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad), as well as for the and the Web.


Sandbox is a multi language mobile app that a teacher creates to restrict students to a premade list of specific learning websites. The teacher creates the predetermined list of websites they want their students to access, and then students are only allowed to go onto those specific sites. Using Sandbox, a teacher can ensure students remain on track while in class because as previously mentioned; students are only accessing material the teacher has selected for educational purposes. This is a handy tool for teachers and it is completely free and very easy to use. Some of the features Sandbox offers is a locking device feature with a passcod, abaility to bookmark approved website, and customization capabilities of home screens.


RabbleBrowser is a multi language mobile app that allows students and teachers to share URLs and files with an infinite number of students. Students can then share the URLs and files back to other studenst or the teacher which makes RabbleBrowser a fantastic mobile app for things such as PowerPoint presentations. Some of the cool features that RabbleBrowser offers is the capability to share information via social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, video, photo, and other multimedia sharing capabilities, and students/ teachers can Bookmark, save, and edit URLs and files they have recieved.


Bitsboard is a free multi language mobile app that gives students access to tens of thousands of interactive flashcards and lessons which makes learning extremely engaging, self-motivating, and fun. It does not matter what subject a teacher teaches because Bitboard offers every subject imaginable to students in order for them to gain access to the flashcards and lessons. This is a great app for making students personalize their own learning, and it is really great for educators looking to implement individualized educational plans. Overall, the power and user-friendly abilities of the app allow for endless possibilities with teaching and learning and I believe students will have benefit significantly from this mobile app.

Fry Words!

Fry Words is a fantastic mobile app that serves as another excellent mobile learning tool for students. Fry Words has a list of the most commonly used 1000 words in the English language for teaching reading, writing, and spelling. To make learning the Fry Words fun, simple, and easy, each word has been broken down for students so they may be able to better understand the words and makes sense of their syntax. Fry Words enables a handful of words to be learned and mastered within a week’s time and it allows students that easy to use and fun way to cater to specific learner needs. For example, instead of students having to create hundreds of flashcards, students have a FREE tool to hep them with learning words via this mobile app.


Grammaropolis is mobile app that is a great resource for introducing, teaching, and reviewing grammar. The app includes detailed descriptions for nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions, interjections, and more. Grammaropolis engages, and creates a fun and interactive way to organize content via web maps that can then track student progress to see how much they know and understand. The app also comes equipped with a song that really aids to the achievement of the apps overall goal - which is helping students make the information, content, and learning relevant to their lives.

PowerPoint 2010!

The PowerPoint 2010 mobile app allows students to understand PowerPoint to its fullest. As PowerPoint is such a popular and important tool when teaching and learning, this app is extremely valuable as it teaches how to use PowerPoint and the tecnhical ins and outs of the app. This app can help students create professional and informative presentations, which they may be able to use in their future classrooms or professions. Some features of the PowerPoint app include 24 lessons with informational visuals and 37 tutorial videos if students are lost or confused. Also, after each tutorial lesson, students can participate in mini-challenges that can help to encourage hands-on learning. Additionally, the mobile app allows two easy to see and understand viewing styles for overall convenience.

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