The World of YouTube!

I'm sorry I haven't posted...the end of the year is always chaotic, and my summer has been INSANE so far!!

On with the Tackk, today you will get a small tour in the world of YouTube! I will have links to popular videos, and introduce you to some of my favorite channels.


Sneezing Panda:

This video, simple and short, has over 217 million views!! People found it strange and hilarious, so they shared it with others.

Charlie Bit my Finger:

This small, simple video was once the most viewed video on YouTube, with over 825 MILLION views!!


This is a list of a few of my favorite YouTubers. Some of them are in this collage, and some aren't. Let's get this going!!

Thatcher Joe, Joey Graceffa, thesheepthatwentmooo, Wassabi Productions, PTXVlogs, Ricky Dillon, HISHE, JoshuaDTV, JustAMisfitt, and nigahiga.

5 - Kyuurix:

Kyuurix may not be the most well-known YouTuber, but one time I ran into his videos and immediately subscribed!! He is SO funny and has awesome editing skills. Love you Kyuurix <3

4 - Rhett & Link/Good Mythical Morning:

I've been subscribed to these guys for a few years now, and they are intelligent, have a great sense of humor, and never fail to make awesome videos. They have their Rhett & Link channel (where they do skits/songs) and their Good Mythical Morning channel (where they do a talk show on the weekdays). Check them out!!


SUP3RFRUIT (aka SUPERFRUIT) consists of Scott Hoying and Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix. As PTX is my favorite artist, I am also obsessed with this channel. Scomiche (Scott + Mitch) lives and theses guys are SUPER talented, SUPER funny, and SUPER cool.

2 - PsychoSoprano/Miranda Sings:

These channels are very different, but the same. Colleen Evans acts as Miranda Sings, and PsychoSoprano is where Colleen is as herself. Colleen is EXTREMELY talented and so down-to-earth and she deserves all the fans she has!! #mirfanda

1 - Connor Franta:

Connor...where do I start? He is super artistic and is unique with his videos. His simplicity and style is what has put him on the top of my list. Also, I'm a lot like Connor in tons of different ways. I'm funny, decent-looking (or so people tell me) and a nice, simple, optimist. I love him so much and he is a huge inspiration to me!! <3 <3 <3

This has got more cursing than he usually does, but it was super funny so I had to put this as his video <3


I hope y'all enjoyed this Tackk, and again, sorry its been so long :) LOVE YOU GUYS!! I'll see you next time <3