Earth, Moon, and Sun
-By Annika Markoff

Where I Am

The Moon's Phases

Earth In Space

How does Earth move in space?

-Rotation and revolution are the two major ways Earth moves through space.

-Earth is tilted on its axis, and rotation is the movement of earth spinning on its axis.

-The Earth's orbit around the sun is called revolution.

What Causes the Cycle of Seasons on Earth?

- Earth's seasons are caused by Earth's tilt on its axis.

-How far Earth is tilted from the sun determines what season it is, in whatever hemisphere is tilted closer to the sun, it is summer and vice versa.

-When neither end of the axis is towards the sun, it is called an equinox

-The study of the moon, stars, and other objects in space is called astronomy

Gravity and Motion

What determines the strength of gravity between two objects?

- The strength of gravity is determined by mass and the distance between the objects

-Mass is the amount of matter in an object

-Distance is the space between the objects

What two factors combine to keep the moon and Earth in orbit?

- Inertia and gravity combine to keep the moon and Earth in orbit

-Inertia is the tendency of an object to resist a change in motion

- Gravity is the force that attracts all objects towards each other

Phases, Eclipses, and Tides

What causes the phases of the moon?

- Phases are caused by changes in the relative positions of the moon, Earth, and the sun

-Since the moon revolves around Earth, you see the moon from different angles

-The moon doesn't give off its own light; it reflects the sun's

-The phase depends on how much of the sunlit side of the moon faces Earth

What are solar and lunar eclipses?

-A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes directly btween Earth and the sun, blocking sunlight from Earth

-A lunar eclipse is when Earth blocks sunlight from reaching the moon

- Lunar eclipses are easier to see than solar eclipses

What causes the tides?

- The tides are caused by differences in how much the moon's gravity pulles on Earth

- The tides are the water levels in oceans, lakes, and seas

-Spring Tides occur when there is a new moon or a full moon, and they are when the difference between the low tides and the high tides are the greatest

-Neap tides are when there is a hlaf moon, or the first quarter or the third quarter, and the difference between the high tides and the low tides are the smallest

Earth's Moon

What features are found on the moon's surface?

- Maria: Means "seas," The dark, flat areas on the moon

-Craters: Large round pits. Craters can be hundreds of kilometers across

-Highlands: High areas on the moon, or mountains

What are some characteristics of the moon?

- The moon is dry and airless

- Small, with large surface temperature variations ; up to 130 degrees Celsius in the day and 180 Celsius at night

- Weak gravity

-May have ice

How did the moon form?

- Scientists think that the moon was created when a large, planet- sized object collided with Earth

-The collision forced matter to come off the Earth, forming rings, whcih eventually turned into the moon

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2 years ago

For the answer to "What two factors combine to keep the moon and Earth in orbit?", you need to fix the spelling of tendency. Also for "What causes tides?" add a little bit more detail and explain. Finally, I am not able to view your moon observations- it told me to request permission.

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yeah ^^ if you make the sharing settings available with a link it should work with the button for everyone

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Your diagrams really help bring it together. Great Job!! :)

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your pictures are amazing and everything flows really well, cant wait to see the finished product!!!!!😀

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I love how you told what all of the vocab words are, but all around great presentation!

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I like the colors and how the answers aren't too wordy and get straight to the point. Great work!

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Thanks, guys!

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this is really good! short and sweet 😄

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Nice job on your tackk Annika!

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