Abiotic and biotic factors

1.The difference between abiotic and biotic factors is that biotic factors are the living growing part of a ecosystem and abiotic factors are the weather, rocks, and other non-living stuff.

2. Biotic factors often interact with abiotic factors cause when we need stuff like gold or meatals we go dig them up and that's interacting. Also with water we need it everyday and drink it so that's interacting with a abiotic factor

3.  A Rainforest is an ecosystem and the things that are its biotic factors are

       ~ birds in the trees

      ~ snakes on the ground

     ~ squirrels in the trees

     ~ And trees

4. If  dogs,cats,hamsters,genie pigs and chinchillas disappeard with also water,sun, pet food,cage bedding and animal hair. The animals would likely die from starvation and temperature.