Christmas light webq

how does the type of circuit affect the strand of Christmas lights with a burned out bulb?

Parallel circuit is two or more components are connected between the same two points. point A and point B.

Series circuit is only one path for the electrons to take between any two points in this circuit.

Resistor is components that are used to control the amount of current flowing in a circuit.

When all the components are in line with each other and the wires, a series circuit is formed.

Independent variable is type of circuit

Dependent variable is the lights that light up

If the strand use a series circuit then the whole strand will not light up.

The strand was dark with no light.

A series circuit is the best to use for Christmas lights because most of the lightts light up.

All the lights lit up.

Only two lights lit up.

The lights were really dim

No lights lit up

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