Darfur Genocide

The problem that is occurring in Darfur is not a simple task to be resolved. Some have even gone far enough to call this genocide the worst humanitarian crisis of this century.

Where is Darfur located ?

Darfur is located in the Western part of Sudan. Bordering on Libya,Chad, and the Central African Republic. The "Darfur Genocide" is what the Government has called the mass killings as well as rape victims of not on women but men, and children as well in the western Sudan region.

When and how did this Genocide begin?

All these problems began in 2003 when two Darfur enemies - the Sudan Liberation Army as well as The Justice and Equality Movement went up against the Sudanese Government.

The leaders of these groups felt that they were not being protected by the Sudanese Government as they should so they started almost as if a war with the Sudanese Government. In July of 2003 supported the Janjaweed causing thousands to flee the country.

Who and What have the Janjaweed done to this country?

The Sudanese Government responded back with their own group of savages, the Arab Militants otherwise known as the " Janjaweed". The Janjaweed have damaged nearly 400 of innocent civilians villages .

Janjaweed's have single handedly destroyed Darfur after the burning of villages, as well as the torture of the civilians. Although the Janjaweed's are destroying Darfur the Sudan Government have still reported to have no relations with the Janjaweed's actions.

What is the Court System’s response there actions?

As of March 4, 2009, The International Criminal Court set out an arrest warrant for the President of Sudanese President Omar Bashir for the crimes against humanity on those innocent civilians. Also as of July 2010, a warrant for arrest was sent out on the charges on genocide. The UN Security Council gave the Khartoum aproximately 30 days to disarm the Janjaweed and for them to stop all actions as well as bring its leaders to justice and allow humanitarian assistance. The threat is not enforced.The government of Sudan has yet to turn him in the country has had increase in violence as well as major protests.

In the September of 2004 the president George W. Bush declared the events in Darfur a genocide. After thousand of government officials were sent to protect and help the innocent civilians the leaders of the Janjaweed were tried for crimes against humanity in Darfur.


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