Seigneurs Inquiry

What is a seigneurial system and what were some jobs seigneurs received ?


The seigneurial system was formed in 1627 and was an official or institutional way to distribute land. The land was usually split up into 1x3 leagues and 5x15 km in size and generally divided into river lots also called “rangs”. In principle, the seigneur granted a piece of land to any family that is under a royalty system. The tenants of this distributed called were often referred to as habitants. This way of distributed land only lasted till 1854 when it was abolished.


  •   Subdividing the seigneury into 32 hectare parcels and grant the land for habitants.
  • Build a house and flour mill on the seigneury.
  • Contribute to the construction of a church
  • Report any problems (E.g. Any tax issues, construction issues or anyone fighting over the land).
  • Collect taxes from habitants.

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