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The Ethan Allen Boat Accident

In October 2, 2005, the 40 foot boat called the Ethan Allen was capsized around 2:55pm with a total of 47 passengers on board the Ethan Allen, thoughs 47 passengers were mostly Elderlys on board. But the question is, How did the boat capsized very quickly?According  to the New York Times, the Ethan Allen made a hard right turn. In second the boat flipped over with the 47 passengers and killing twice as many passengers in 2003 when the Staten Island Farrie crashed with a total of 11 death on that accident. As a bystander named Brain Heart was the first to be on the seen, as Brain was canoeing with his daughter and saw the boat capsize with in a snap. "In a mater of 45 seconds , it slipped right over." Said Brain. As Brain saved people's lives we will thank him for his courage and for his bravery, without Brain that day, there could of been more life's gone then it should have. After that day people were shaken up, but are very thankful to be alive today.