Osteosarcoma and Malignant Fibrous Histicytoma of Bone Cancer

This is a picture of Osteosarcoma cancer.  It is a primary bone cancer is cancer that forms in cells of the bone.  

What is Osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma is a primary bone cancer.  It is cancer that forms cells of the bone.  It is the most common cancer in the bone.  When you get it you bone is not as strong.   It mostly forms in children.  If you  have it you can get it a lot of other places to even if it isn't a bone.  

Symptoms of Osteosarcoma

The symptoms of Osteosarcoma cancer is; sharp or dull pain at the site of the tumor, swelling or redniss in the place of tumor, pain when lifting or activity, limping, and not a lot of movement in the  or on the pain area.

How Osteosarcoma spreads

Osteosarcoma can spread really fast.  It can spread in the matter of months and even days.  It can spread to your leg to your shoulder in the matter of months.  It is just based on physical exams, imagin test and etc. It spreads when you do more activity in the body.  If you don't get it checked out you can be in a lot of trouble.  

What are the possible causes

They don't know the exact cause of Osteosarcoma cancer.  Scientist think that we have certin chages in our DNA that can become cancerus in the bone.  

What is Osteosarcoma

Osteosarcoma is a primary bone cancer. You can get it any wear that has a bone.  The most part you mostly get it in your shoulder,leg or your arm.  It is also the ost common cancer.  When you get it is hard to do stuff like run, jump and you have a lot of pain.  It is mostly in your sholder and your knee.  

The growth of Osteosarcoma

When you do have Osteosarcoma you don't do tumors you can get a cell that dies and it doesn't die correctly and then you get bone cancer.  Here is the video for it:

The stages of Osteosarcoma

The stages determan Physical exams, imagining test, and any biopsy that has been done.  Docters often use a simply system that divides Osteosarcomas into 2 groups localized and metilized.  The staging can be confusing. They only have 4 stage.  Matisisis happens in stage 4 and it means it is going to spread. And in stage 4 it spreads to other parts of the body.

What are your Treatment Options

You can have a lot treatment options.In the 1960s you had to have the leg amputatied.  But the patents that did that didn't live for 2 year later.  Since then docters have found ways. They are giving patients that need surgry and after they had surgry they have to do chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is the drug treatment for cancer.  They are placed in the vein or artery that can reach other parts so that they can destroy cancer cells through out the body.  You can also have radiation therapy.  Radiation therapy is high energy rays that kills cancer cells.  If they need it amputatied you can have limb-sparing surgry.  That is you treatment options.

The Survival Rate

The survival rate is 70% if you have a high osteosarcoma. If you have tumors all over your body you have a lower chance.  Then you have a poor chance in chemotherapy.  If it has already spreaded when you first find it the 5 year survial rate is 15% to 30%. With treatment it is a 60% to a 80%.  But it can be different.  It depends on your stage.  You usally have 5 years to live but most likely you will live longer.  After, you can be cured for it.  A good thing to do is go to treatment.   Remission is that it is going away or it is going away and it has no cells but it can come back.  If you are in remission and in stage 4 you are not going to live for a longer time after that.  If you are in stage 1 and in remission you have a good chance to live.  

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