my favorite season

By, Kelsey Deterding

I hear birds chirping and kids playing the splash of the pool.i hear the sound of rain hitting my roof i hear the sound of the happy singing birds. i hear the splash at the pool and i hear peoples laughter.

i smell BBQ from cheeseburgers and hot dogs, i smell the flowers in my garden i smell the rain i smell the fresh cut grass i smell the smoke from a bonfire.

I touch the flower petals i touch the rain when it falls i touch the grass when i play in the grass.

i see people laughing and having fun i see the smoke from bonfire, i see the BBQ rising up i see the flowers blooming, i see the grass getting cut.

i taste the rain i taste the BBQ i taste the cheeseburger the hot dogs the tomatoes the fruits the salads and the ice cream and cake.

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