The 6  traits of writing

  Word choice
Sentence Fluency

Everyone at first, has no idea what they are going to write. Then they use their brain and                                                                      then they write.

I use Cornell notes. Cornell notes keep me organized. They keep me organized, because first you take notes and on the left colon you write the main words. In the big box, you can write notes. At the end, you write a small summary and write what you learned.

Wtites fingerprints on a page. This means that he expresses himself.

Word choice.  Don't choose boring words like sad, mad or happy. Use describing words like joyful,angry, or un-happy.

Sentence Fluency is a rhythm and flow of the language. This reminds me of sentence fluency because the picture is flowing.

When I think of conventions, I think of using capitals in the right places, spell words correctly, and leave spaces between words.

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